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    John Schrederhof

    A dedicated partner


    My name is John Schrederhof. 

    As a coach, advisor and author I'm specialised in working with CEO's and leaders of organisations who understand that team- and organisational development begins with their own development as a person and leader.

    I'm also known to be a dedicated mentor for CEO's who wish to experience more vitality, fulfilment and inner peace or who are struggling with challenging personal issues like loss, illness, divorce or marital problems.

    I have worked with leaders from Shell, Heineken, KLM, Philips, Redbull and other companies, situated in London, Paris, Dublin, Berlin, Stockholm, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. But also with many owners of medium-sized and small companies in the Netherlands.

    In the past 22 years I have supported more than 20.000 people from 28 countries in a variety of personal and leadership development programs. 

    It would be a privilege to serve you too.


    'The highest and most endurable gift

    that a leader will ever be able to give,

    is the gift of what he or she leaves behind'


    Would you like to get in touch with me?


    John Schrederhof

    Stationstraat 56

    1391 GR Abcoude

    The Netherlands

    Tel: 0031-618966997



    Ask me a question or get some references?

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